Sip. Gather. Be.

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Our Story

Corner Cup Coffeehouse is a locally owned coffeehouse established in 2015 in Stow, OH. We have a passion for BUILDING COMMUNITY by serving great coffee and tea drinks paired with locally-made food offerings, and creating a unique place where people want to gather and connect.

We deliver exceptional, consistent quality in every cup. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff greets you by name. Our inviting, cozy atmosphere feels just like home.

Pull up a chair at our Brew Bar and chat with your favorite barista. Meet the owner, a Stow native. Leave your favorite quote (or that tricky math problem) on our chalkboard wall. Browse the works of our local artist on display this month. Relax to some local acoustics. Choose a book from our free library and settle in by the fire. Color. Play a board game or two. Plug in and get some work done. Reconnect with a friend …it’s been far too long.

Welcome. We’re local. And we are so glad you stopped by.